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Crew / Info / Credits

Crew / Info / Credits

Welcome to METALSHOTS, a photosite with impressions of all kind of Metalmeetings
all over Europe, but most of them in the Netherlands.

Next on Metalshots (with reservations)

Nov Sat 01 Insomnium, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Stam1na De Pul-Uden (NL)

Expected gigs and festivals on Metalshots

Nov Thu 06 Hatebreed Atak-Enschede (NL)

Nov Fri 07 Delain Atak-Enschede (NL)

Nov Sat 08 Brainstorm Festival Gigant-Apeldoorn (NL)

Nov Wed 12 Anathema Tivoli Vredenburg-Utrecht (NL)

Nov Sat 15 Overkill, Prong, Enforcer, Darkology/ De Pul-Uden (NL)

Nov Fri 21 Dilana Gigant-Apeldoorn (NL)

Dec Thu 04 Machinehead, Devil You Know, Darkest Hour Tivoli Vredenburg-Utrecht (NL)

Dec Sun 07 Epica + Dragonforce Tivoli Vredenburg-Utrecht (NL)

Jan Fri 30 Obituary Atak-Enschede (NL)

See you there ...
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